On a hot day like this!
My sister had the idea.
Sandpaper as roofing shingles.
I couldn't wait to try it!
I assembled the tools.

And got started. 
Assorted weights of sandpaper
from the Dollar Tree.
A punch I had on hand
some glue.
I did switch to Tacky glue midway through the project.
does anyone have any ideas for the siding?

minus the bed
still working on that one. 

And the kitchen,
still need a stove and to organize the hutch.
Kendall found all the dishes, the clock and the broom
and was so excited,
that I had to get the kitchen ready.
The light fixture is a jar lid
the top of a percolator
all wrapped with some jute.
at work,
I had a visitor that left a whole bag of doll house furniture
for me!  
I had the picture here and it disappeared!
More on that later,
the living room is next!


Sylvia said…
The Batten-board look
annabel52 said…
I used popsicle sticks once for a wood floor in a doll house. I would think they would work as siding. I have also used the heavy cardboard from liquor boxes, the kind that is inside to separate the bottles. Kinda like tagboard. If you have a paper cutter, the old fashioned kind, that slices like a guillotine it is easy to cut small strips.
Can't wait to see the finished project!!
Ann said…
great idea with the sandpaper. If you used small branches for the siding you could make it look like a log home.
Amy Dayton said…
Oh my I love the way this is all looking. So many great ideas and such fun!