The Great Dish Towel Saga

This is probably going to leave you shaking your head.
And saying...
"Is he still alive?"
my comment,
"How dumb could you be?"
I love these dish towels.
They are absorbent,
they are large,
they do not smell
they do not "snag" on your hands.
They are also pricey.
Well, pricey for my frugal persona.
They were a gift from my daughter,
after I commented on how much I liked hers.
She is frugal also,
hers were a gift.
She bought eight of them for me
they have lasted and lasted.
I have bleached and soaked and used them hard.
For several years.
Get the picture?
I love them!!! 
(well, as much as you can "love" a dish towel)
So, how you say, did they get burnt?
stay with me.
I have the most awesome young(er)  woman that cleans for me.
Ever notice how when you get older,
people start getting younger?
every other week she does this fantastic job
of making our house livable again.
I love
Missy Days
as we call them.
They are way better than a spa for me.
The peace of mind of coming home
one night
every two weeks
every surface is dusted
every floor is clean
every carpet is vacuumed
every toilet is clean
is way
better than any massage
ever could be!
That being said,
she also does this amazing job on the stove top
of not one little streak
and it shines.
JWS is not the neatest cook.
However, he does cook
far be it for me to complain about the mess.
He also loves
Missy Days
sometimes refuses to cook for a couple of day after she is here.
Missy Day
he came home to cook
in an effort to keep the stove cleaned,
rolled up the
dish towels and placed them around the skillet
to protect the stove top.
Ok, I will just allow that mental picture
sink in for a minute......
Get the picture?
Not the junk dish towels
that are wrinkled at the bottom of the drawer,
the ones at the top that I use every week.
 Williams and Sonoma
Dish Towels
Honestly, I drop that name just like some
women would
they have a
Coach Purse.
So then,
a morning last week I think
"I am just going to order new towels"
First of all,
I am not an online shopper,
who am I kidding?
I am just not a shopper.
Thrift shops
Yard Sales
Flea Markets
Hobby Lobby
In that order, ok.
Please notice,
or even
Grocery Stores.
That being said,
I found them.
Williams and Sonoma
A lovely green color.
Filled out all the info
(which is a lot if you don't normally shop online)
Proud of myself,
I hit the button,
The notice.
We are sorry, this item is backordered until
January 22, 2014.  
I put on my big girl panties and went to Walmart.
Paused at the ammunition....
then sensibly went and bought towels.
I mean,
after all,
he does cook.


Ann said…
It's moments like these that men are very lucky that they posess at least one redeaming quality that allows them to live.
That stinks that the good ones are on back order.
Kathy said…
lol... I am so sorry about your towels... am so sorry for laughing so hard.. some days hey???? and you're right.. he does
Wow they must be GREAT dish towels.

Saddened by your loss,

Who am I kidding...this was hilarious! :)

All except for you loss...this is all I'm gonna say.
He's lucky he's such a good cook, Williams and Sonoma towels?! I've heard of those rare and exotic beasts but have never seen them :O) So sorry for your loss Cathy, did you at least give them a decent burial?! Deb