Knit the Bridge

For those of you that are not local,
although this did make the national news,
Knit the Bridge
is a wonderful celebration of art
allowing so many individuals and clubs to participate.
For more information,
This was my panel on the bridge. 
I was so excited that it was on the inside of the bridge.

JWS graciously agreed to attend the party on the bridge yesterday.

The day would not be complete without
dinner in Market Square
a visit to the newly refurbished
Point State Park
walk up the river.

A great day in Pittsburgh!


Gayle said…
Very cool - would love to see it in person! How fun that you got to contribute a section!
Ann said…
Well that is very cool not to mention colorful :)
Robbie said…
this is SO cool! I'll have to go to the link you provided! I went to Point Park College (don't they call it three rivers or something else now??). I graduated from Monongahela High and lived in Finleyville!!! My sis still lives in '84...thanks for posting this!
Wow that is so neat and yours was just beautiful. Congrats.