Random Act of Kindness

And I was the recipient!
Thursday found me in Ohio
Mom day
a little retail therapy.
Mom and I have not just spent a day alone shopping in ages.
No kids, no grand kids...just us.
While I am not a huge shopping person,
we had a great time.
Pat Catan's, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's
the mall,
even a
flea market/junk store.
Everything that was missing in my craft supplies is restocked.
(and then some)
We ended the day at this great little
independent restaurant a little off the beaten path
(by Youngstown standards)
Off the beaten path where I live is another dimension...
but anyway...
I saw this great poster on the wall.
Idora Park.
Unless you are a native of Youngstown and the surrounding area
or an extreme coaster enthusiast,
a trolley car park buff,
that name means nothing to you.
but for the ones who do know
Idora Park,
there are fond memories of
summer picnics,
a great carousel,
the Lost River,
Hooterville Highway,
the flying cages,
two great wooden coasters
so much more.
The park is gone,
but the memories will always be there.
At any rate,
I asked our waitress if she knew anything about where the poster came from.
She sent out the owner of the restaurant
and he told me that a friend of his prints them
that they are available on Ebay.
He left to go and look for the Ebay site for me
came back just a few minutes later
with a cardboard sleeve
with a poster in it
What a nice gesture from a stranger!
I was thrilled and when I left, I went straight to buy a frame.
It is now hanging in my paint room
where I can see the memories daily!
The Restaurant
Stop over and like them on Facebook! 
Great place, great food, awesome pierogies!
One special part left of Idora Park
on my bucket list to ride it once more.


Well I be you were just down the road from me lol... I live in lordstown on the other side of austintown/boardman.... I am orignially from garrettsville over by hiram, aurora, ravenna... it is a small world isn't it...hubby was born and raised in newton falls.... I have to say we have never been to that resturant but will have to check it out some time...
what a small world.... we live in lordstown ohio, I am originally from garrettsville ohio, hubby is from newton falls ohio... have never been to that resturant but will have to check it out sometime...
Sheila said…
Cathy I've been thinking of you and also your Mom, just haven't taken time to right. So glad I took a moment to read your post today....very happy that your Mom is doing well and you girls had special time together! The RAK brought a tear to my eyes......we need more folks like that in this world.
Joanie said…
I have such wonderful memories of Idora Park!! School picnic (Monaca PA) and my Dad's company picnic (Armco). It meant the start of summer and the start of our family vacation. I lived to ride the carousel (always on a fierce black steed)! Thank you for the warm memories.
how totally nice of the owner.

Ann said…
That sounds like my kind of shopping trip. What a nice thing for the owner to do.
annie said…
How sweet and very kind, a generous gift to be sure!