What are they? and Other Burning Questions

This is a bush/tree in the backyard.
Does anyone know what this is?

Because every summer, I think I am going to look it up,
and I never do.
Which leads me to the next question(s)?
How busy was my summer
that when I went out to see the boys off to school
I realized that my favorite chairs
on the front porch
were totally wrapped in cobwebs?
the SPRING flag was still up?
We are talking
And finally...
the burning question
of the
What IS the lifespan of a cricket?
there has been one in our bathroom
for almost two weeks
I can't seem to find it
surely it has to die soon.
And now...
off to find a better flag!


acorn hollow said…
Well I think it is a mountain ash tree. I have no idea how long a cricket lives but are you sure it was not a mom cricket and you will have cricket sounds for the rest of your life? JK
Kim said…
Lol Thanks for the morning giggle. Funny post!
It's a Mountain Ash Tree! I'm not sure what the lifespan of a cricket is...guess it depends on whether he happens to hop where I mow or if he walks by one of the chickens! lol...I love them though...love to listen to the sounds of their chirps at night.
Enjoy your day!
NancyD said…
Well hello there, been so long since I visited blogs! It's a Mountain Ash. There is something about the berries - the birds love to eat them and it makes them 'drunk' somehow and they fly eratically. There is a large one next door and in the winter the birds flock to it! :)
Have a great day!!
Kate said…
I think it is called a pepper tree. Not sure of the scientific name though. At least that is what Grandma calls them here in California.
your tree is a Mountain Ash or Rowan tree. You can go here to find more info.


Not sure how long a cricket lives. :)

Catherine said…
At first, your plant reminded me of my winterberry ~ but I see many a saying mountain ash....hhmmm....will have to look that up.
Had to laugh about the cricket ~ I'm giving it a few weeks....keep us updated!
I still have something springy up too ~ but inside the house!
Ann said…
oh no, two weeks of listening to a cricket in my bathroom would have driven me over the edge