Bloomsburg Fair

We just returned from the
Bloomsburg Fair
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

It is truly one of the nicest fairs that I have attended. 

The needlework and handcraft displays are always my favorite.

But this is also a great display.
The garden clubs create them around a theme.
This year was Kaleidoscope.
Each wedge was the handiwork of a different garden club.
the mantel was red,
one pedestal green,
one pedestal yellow,
the table blue,
the door purple
well, that was in another area.
They are judged and what I like best is reading
judge's critique.

The dahlias in the historic garden were awesome. 

This was our little group.
What a fun time! 

Beautiful displays of fruits and vegetables. 

My first horse pull.
And really...?
It was way more interesting than I thought it was going to be.
Pulling here is another friend of ours. 

Giant pumpkins

And all kinds of plants.
Because of being involved in our local fair,
we have the privilege of attending all state fairs for free.
But the best perk of all,
we get to meet fair board members from those fairs
learn the insides of how their fair works.
The gentleman that took his time and answered our questions
spent time with us,
made our visit so much better.
What a great experience! 


Ann said…
that looks like a big fair. I can smell the fair food from here :)
Susannah said…
What great pictures. Thanks for taking me on a fun trip to the fair. I used to love to go to the fair. We have gotten away from it. I think I have to put it on my list for next year. All of those quilts were beautiful!
Holly said…
Looks like a lot of fun! I love those giant pumpkins!