Not Just a Post About Knitting

Well, to start it was going to be
just a post about knitting, 
as usual,
other things are going on.
So, while I am knitting away,
scarves for the Open House,
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now on to the rest of the story.
First of all,
my paternal grandmother lived next door to my aunt.
My aunt started with two boys, Paul and Dan.
(later she went on to have 6 more children)
but those two boys were just a little older than me.
I was next in line in the grandchildren
and then my cousin, Patty.
So many times, I have watched Tyler and Logan
drawn similarities
my cousins,
Paul and Dan. 
Paul was all busy and wild, getting into everything.
Dan was a little more quiet and sensitive,
following Paul in a lot of antics,
but always the one to be concerned if someone got hurt...
and usually someone did....
or something broke...
or the police were involved...
getting the picture.
Tyler and Logan,
much the same...
the police have yet to be involved.
Saturday might have been close.
I look out my kitchen window and Logan is standing on the porch
at what?
Tyler has the hose and is spraying passing vehicles.
Cars, trucks, motorcycles, Amish Buggies
Get the picture.
Jennifer is on the back porch grilling supper.
John and I intervene.

Again, I think of my grandmother
Paul and Dan.
Then I think,
My grandmother had early onset senility.
Probably Alzheimer's,
but that word wasn't really around at that time.
Or was it?
Maybe those little boys actually drove her crazy!

And then the defining moment...
After I get home from my car incident,
(Read about that in the previous post. )
Tyler wants to play Yahtzee.
We can't find the game in the attic stash,
so I tell him that I will take him to the store and we can buy it.
We walk out to the garage.
I open MY garage door and proceed to get in the car
in the OTHER garage bay
when I see Tyler standing there looking confused.
When I ask what is wrong he says,
"Grandma, you opened the WRONG door!"
I think that the verdict is in.
Those boys DID drive my grandmother crazy!

at least he helped my avoid an embarrassing
The other thought that came to mind is this:
Are you smarter than a third grader?


bettyj said…
What a fun post. I certainly enjoyed it.
Ann said…
spraying passing motorists with a they know how to entertain themselves don't they
Teresa said…
I am trying hard to catch up on blogging and now after reading several of your posts I am smile on my face. It is always a pleasure to stop by and read your adventures. I really must not get behind again.