Who, What, Where, When and Why?

Kendall, the one on the left asks a lot of questions. 
Gracelyn, the one on the right is more , let's say, ethereal. 
She makes up her own stories...
and answers.
Kendall is literal, grounded in the
who, what, where, when, why and how.
They love to play in the tailgate while we are waiting
on the bus in the morning.
Makes me have to keep it cleaned out.
That is not an easy task!
You will see why later.
This is my attic. 
This is open house stuff!
I have painted and knitted and sewed
wait for it,
Priced Nothing!!!!
So, I spend a lot of time sitting up here
doing inventory
Early morning.
The Great Grout Experience
See how bad the grout looks?
One morning I tried
Baking soda,
Lemon juice,
Toilet Bowl Cleaner,
(not mixed of course, I am not that dumb,
to tell you the truth at one point in life
I was that dumb,
but I am smart enough to
learn from my mistakes)
scrub brush,
wire brush.
What finally worked?
Scrubbing Bubbles and Magic Erasers.
Don't have an after pic, but trust me,
it is awesome
white again!

And finally,
Another auction
last Thursday.
Why do I think I need these things?
You tell me.
A cute little drop leaf table.


And these hats?
Refer to the little girls above.
They will have fun with them.
This cute little doll crib?
Headed to the attic after the open house is over.
Again, refer to those little girls above.
The big WHY?
Another box of material.
I could not help myself.
There were some great retro prints in there
and I am seeing a crazy strip quilt,
some rugs,

just more fabric added to the stash.


Ann said…
Why? Because you can :)
When we did our last craft show I said to the girl I do them with "I really need to learn to price things as I go along" This was while we were setting up and I was trying to get everything priced.
Those hats remind me of when I was little and would play dress up at my aunts house. There was always matching shoes and purses too :)
Sheila said…
Pricing has always been my least favorite thing to do when I have finished items to list.
Oh boy can I ever see the beauty of that drop leaf table. I have an oval maple one that I picked up at a yard sale several years ago. I had a gal paint a simple berry vine on around the edges. It's beautiful but having seen your wonderful talent you'd have done a much nicer job! Yours will be stunning I'm sure.
Great finds :)