A Different Obsession

Giving my obsession with the health care fiasco a break,
I needed something else to jam into that space in my mind.
It is not really working yet,
I am really trying to make them all think it is working.
I am taking up some other obsessions.
Crazy quilt blocks for one.
Since having to give up all the wool
or live with the itching,
I needed another stitching project.
These fit the bill!
Creative and fun.

Collecting and planning for the trip to Haiti.
I leave for Haiti on the 17th of November.
Hopefully and Prayerfully,
a promise kept.
Six years ago,
I promised to return and teach calligraphy to the students
at the EBAC orphanage.
Why would I do that?  
Make that promise?
Life has been in the way since
I did not know if I would be able to keep that promise.
So, the door is opened and
I am sewing dresses and skirts and shorts to take with me,
collecting formula to take along,
some baby clothing
lots of brushes, paints, pens, papers and books.
I will be brushing up on my calligraphy skills soon!
(I am still formulating a plan to take some screenprinting
supplies, but JWS does not know that yet, shhhhh)
Thanks to some awesome benefactors,
I will be able to supply the students with some great supplies!

Also doing a little crocheting.

And some knitting.

And yesterday's slide through Goodwill produced this book.
Airplane reading!
Hopefully this finally answers all of my Mary/Martha questions!


Sheila said…
Can not believe all that you accomplish Cathy. You have such a huge heart and are an inspiration to others. Will keep you in my prayers for a safe trip.
Bless you~
annie said…
wonderful projects, my friend loves that book. her name is mary, and she very much relates! God bless you on the mission, God speed. thank you for keeping your word.