And so the week continues...

Old School?
But I think that I am ready to return there.
In today's episode of
Me vs. Best Buy
How Many Trips Can You Make to Pittsburgh In A Week?
you will find
that's right,
this episode stars ME,  AGAIN
driving AGAIN
to return
the computer that we bought
because Best Buy told us our other one was trashed.
lots of "un" words.
This purchase included
a laptop,
a tech support package,
external cd drive...
well just read the previous post to get the drift.
And then,
we called the local computer guru.
Keep him in good Columbian coffee,
give him some smoking breaks
The old computer is up and running fine.
(I would say that Best Buy should hire him...
but he really doesn't fit the
Geek Squad mold)
he probably wouldn't sell many computers,
he would manage for fix the OLD ones,
violating the Best Buy code
which in my opinion today is...
"Tell them the old computer is crashed so they buy a new one."
I will keep you posted, of course, on how that return plays out!
Part Two
My long time painting friend,
offered some gourds to me from her garden.
Kendall and I picked them up on Wednesday.
They were still in my car yesterday
since I was going to Pittsburgh and needed
a lot of other stuff
I needed to get the gourds out of the tailgate.
JWS and I discussed where they would dry for the winter...
he had opinions..
lots of opinions.
A lot of micro-managing where they should go.
I thought that they should go in the attic of the garage.
He was not liking that idea.
I left work early
and let's just say,
The gourds are where they need to be
two little boys are each
$5 richer
little boys don't



Kathy said…
Good morning.. thanks for the laughs.. had to go back and read yesterdays too.. I have not had the best luck with Best Buy either.. my geek that lives in town does a much better job too.. Hopefully all is a go now.. and things are good..
Sheila said…
Those dang salesman anyway...glad you found a guru to fix the computer! Isn't it amazing what little boys will do for 5 bucks?!
Have a great day~
Laurie said…
Ken wouldn't fit the Best Buy mold either, when it comes to repairing doomed to the scrap pile computers, her rules! The Best Buy here is going down hill, their customer service is seriously lacking in competence. How do you dry gourds?
Hmmmm yes best buy. Ive heard stories about them too.

Ann said…
Well more trips to Best Buy doesn't sound like fun but glad your local guy was able to fix the old computer.
The whole computer technology stuff makes me crazy.