Free Tutorial Post - Steps to a Snowman Face

my pictures are blurry,
blogger won't let me make some of them smaller,
there are issues making them centered
so another week begins.
Because last week wasn't weird enough.
But, back to the snowman face.
Base with any country looking blue around the edges,
blending to the center with an off white.
I like Bleached Sand.
You want to make sure that your off white is not yellowy.
We don't want green snowman faces.
Then sketch your face on with chalk
side load shade to the left of the eyes
and mouth.
I like Deep Midnight mixed with the blue background color.
Keep the paint against the pattern line and let it blend out away from it.

Drybrush some cheeks in.

Then paint the eyes, nose and mouth black.
With the black that is already on your brush,
pick up some of the off white and lay in a little sideload of gray
on the eyes and mouth pieces of coal.
Remember, this is supposedly coal,
so nothing has to be perfect and even.
Highlight dot the eyes.

This was not the best example of dotting the eyes! 
Didn't notice that they ran together until I saw it here!



Susannah said…
Some people (you) are just so good at this! I used to love to do things like this so it is very fun to watch you! Keep going!

Ann said…
you make it sound so easy and your snowman faces are adorable
Thank You for sharing your tutorial Cathy!
I Love these!
Have a wonderful week!