Tailor to the Turtles

Last night the door burst open!
In rushes two little boys,
costumes fluttering and flying behind them.
"Grandma, this is all your job!"
"The party is Thursday and we need these fixed!"
"These don't fit us!"
I tell them to try them on so I can pin them.
Startled looks, big eyes,
"You are going to pin them ON US!"
So we settled for a try on
a visual on the alterations.
They wanted to stay and watch me sew them,
not wanting to be separated from them.
In the end,
they left them after a lot
of reassurance that they would be done today.
And they are..
I worked on them until I fell asleep last night
finished them this morning!
Tailor to the Turtles.
Can I put that on a resume?


Sheila said…
Grandma to the rescue.....love how they know you are the woman for the job! My grands and their friends wear their superhero costumes year round. Those four little boys and one girl play in them and have the best time. They are can be spotted at any time in their little town making the village a little safer!
And yes, you should have that on your resume!
Tooo funny!!!!
Tooo cute!!!!!
Your a good grandma!!!!
Ann said…
I think that would sound quite impressive on a resume. Grandma to the rescue Cowabunga :)
Way to go Grandma ~ You saved the day!!!
Happy Halloween!!!