Twisted Lines

You know how sometimes you just don't know what to write about.
I just go blank sometimes
nothing interesting is happening.
I have been madly working on items for the
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Painting away,
staying out of trouble, mostly.
The  boys are drawing these everywhere!
Of all the crafts and drawings
that I have shown them...
Papa shows them these in church
and now
twisted lines

And the regular stuff,
getting Kendall to pre-school,
day to day
and then...
Yesterday morning happens.
Shawnee calls,
Mom has fallen and she says that she can't get in touch with me.
Not sure how that happens,
but we won't go there today.
I call Mom,
I talk to her,
she is going to the ER.
here is the question.
Do I go to Ohio?
Two hour trip
It might be nothing.
She is in good shape,
but she thinks she blacked out.
Will they keep her overnight?
Has she broken anything?
What to do?
In the end, I made the decision to go.
I had not been out to see them in awhile
best case scenario...
I did need a few things that I could pick up there.
I packed a quick bag of clothes and toiletries
off I went.
Not in a panic,
stop and get a cup of coffee,
turn the radio up
I was born and raised in the Youngstown, Ohio area.
I really like to go there.
It would be my choice of shopping areas.
It is just the place that I am used to.
That being said,
there are some areas
that are less than appealing.
Yesterday, I saw more than my share.
I drive to within five miles of the hospital
the road is closed
there is a detour.
I think I might know a better way around,
take their suggestion of detours.
Let me tell you,
while a section of the road
I should have gone on is normally less than desirable,
the section that they sent me on
was almost a little scary.
To make matters worse,
there are two streets that I have always got mixed up
in my mind.
Well yesterday,
after the harrowing detour,
I took the wrong exit only to find myself
in a worse area than the detour.
Winding my way around city streets
that in my childhood were nice residential districts
are now a lot of empty lots and really run down houses was a little sad.
Two more detours
and I make it to the hospital.
I walk into the ER.
Mind you,
this is within two hours of talking to my mom
that ER is normally an all day affair
she did black out
she is closer to 80 than she even wants to admit
I step outside the ER and call her cell.
I hear laughing and music in the background as she answers the phone.
Here is the conversation that ensued.
"Mom, where are you?"
"Having lunch, why?"
"Because I am at the ER looking for you."
"Oh my, come on over the restaurant and your Dad and I will buy you lunch"
I guess that is the best case scenario, right?
She has bruised ribs and is wearing an air cast on her sprained ankle.
What do we do after lunch?
Go shopping, of course.
Then we made a couple of these.

More twisted lines.
All in all, not a bad day.
I maybe pushed the panic button,
but hey,
it was a day off work,
I spent the day with my parents,
Mom is ok,
and I learned something new.

I even tried one of my own this morning
with paper instead of fabric
hot glue instead of white glue
Hey, I am more into instant gratification.
Wonder if I can teach any grandchildren to make these? 


Ann said…
well twisted lines are very cool and your fabric and paper versions are awesome.
That sounds like some day. We had to go to Cleveland Clinic to visit my husbands sister once and took a wrong turn into a not so nice looking part of town
Teresa said…
Better to have driven and it not be serious then to have stayed home and wished you had.
Love the twisted line bows.
Holly said…
Wow! What a day! So glad to hear it was nothing serious! Love the twisted lines and your cool creations!
glad your Mom is ok other than bumps and bruises and cast.
Glad to hear that your Mom is okay!
Love the twisted lines.