Photographic Moment

Great picture, right?
Everyone looking forward,
Relatively happy.
I have had people amazed at that.
But then,
they didn't see this...

The fight between the two year olds.
The non-removal of masks.
The battle over the masks.

Gracelyn telling one end of the couch how to act. 

Gracelyn explaining to the other end of the couch
how to act
the lobster bites the dust.  
But in the end, it worked.
Grandma might be shopping for a sectional sofa! 


Sheila said…
Oh I knew it was too good to be true..... LMBO!
I like the "behind the scenes" pics too!!!! Funny!!!!
Good Morning,
I just love these photos of your busy grandchildren! I am impressed that you were able to get them lined up and sitting still long enough for a photo!

Have a Marvelous Monday. ~Natalie
Trace4J said…
Pure joy and happiness on that couch!
Woolie Blessings
Karen said…
ADORABLE...and those photos are as they should being kids...I love it!
Thanks for sharing.
Cute!!! Kids are just so much fun!
Prim Blessings
oldecrow said…
You always make me smile when I read your blog! Great looking grandchildren. Yes, you may need a larger sofa. Doesn't look like you could squeeze one more on that one! LOL
Amy Dayton said…
Toooooooo funny! Thanks for sharing real life ! Hugs
Caths Pennies said…
Haha! What a great bunch-o-kids. That made me smile largely. :D