Steps to a Crazy Quilt Block

Apologizing right up front for blurry and weird pictures!
Oh and sideways pictures also!
I am on a real kick with these blocks right now.
I am blaming it on having to get rid of my wool.
You might say,
"Oh, you needed another project since you don't have the wool?"
But I say,
"I found all this material when I cleaned out the wool!"
Books and books of decorator fabrics.
You can ask for them at furniture stores,
or sometimes you can buy them at salvage places.
I even saw them for sale at Joann's one time
believe it or not,
did not buy any.
It took everything I have in me not to buy them
I left chanting,
You do not want to be on Hoarders
You do not want to be on Hoarders....
My mom's friend, Ruth is my pusher supplier.

So, here we go,
this is what I do,
I am not a quilting expert,
so it might not be the RIGHT way.
I like things totally random,
so throw away your OCD tendencies
if you can't, maybe a
glass of wine,
a good stiff drink
a pill
would help you relax...
I start with a square of muslin,
an old sheet
or really folks,
a new twin bed sheet
yields way more material for less than it would cost
buying muslin off the bolt. 

Place those two fabrics right side together anywhere on the square
and sew down to the muslin. Press apart.

Sew another piece down in the same manner.

Sometimes, I pre sew two pieces together to make a longer seam.

Placing right sides together, sew them down.
I don't always trim as I go, but sometimes you just have to see where you are.

Then I added pieces to finish off the corners.

Now, here is where I probably am not following traditional
crazy quilt rules.  
But really, are there any?  Rules, that is.
I sew this partially down and then...

Fold it under, trim, and topstitch close to the edge.

The last piece is going to be two pre sewn together
and it works out that I will have to top stitch another seam. 
It does not always work out that way, they are all different.

And there you have it,
All ready to embellish.

The top-stitched seams?
Just embroider over them.  I find that a chain stitch covers it well
then you can add from there. 
Lace works nicely on that seam also.  


Ann said…
I've never done any quilting, crazy or otherwise :) I like doing things my way and throwing rules out the window though