The Beauty of Haiti

There is much of Haiti
that is not beautiful,
as with anything,
you have to look for the beauty.
It's there,
God provides it.
You just have to see it.
In the flowers,
in the rusted tin gate,
that someone took the time to paint red.
And in the children,
always in the children.
In nature,
In the architecture,
in the scenery.
I arrived home last night.
I was hit with some bug
that I am struggling to get over.
I will have more


BumbleBeeLane said…
Feel better sweetie! Thanks for sharing a few glimpses of the beauty. Warm Blessings! Amy
Bev said…
Enjoyed the photos, unique and enjoy seeing other countries.
so Hope you get over the bug soon, thanks for taking time to post these
Hope you feel better real soon.

Balisha said…

Thanks for showing us some of Haiti.
Hope your "bug" doesn't last long.
I imagine that you brought a lot of happiness to everyone that you met.. while there. What a good thing!
annie said…
the photos are touching, the children so beautiful! feel better quickly, thank you for going to help them. Happy Thanksgiving!