What would you rather do?

These projects are at opposite ends of the spectrum.
Antelope heads painted with orange camo

A nice, cuddly soft baby afghan.
Which one would you rather work on?
Last Saturday,
our pastor asked if I could make
"one of those yarn blankets"
before I left for Haiti
to take along for a couple that is expecting.
He informed me that I could work on it on the plane.
I informed him that I had a book to read.
it is almost done. 
Hopefully it will be done and wrapped and in my suitcase.
The Hallmark Christmas movies,
 early darkness,
 a crackling fire
are helping that project along. 


Well I guess since I can't knot or crochet I would have to pick the orange camo?????

Glad you're almost done with the afghan.
Ann said…
I think I would definitely choose the afghan :)