The Decorations They Won't Fight Over

There are decorations in my house
(and year round)
that the decorator police
(otherwise known as my children)
will never fight over when I am gone!
Here are just a few.
The Angel Tree,
finally finished after 15 or so years.
JWS mounted it on a base
I glued the candle cups on it this morning.
What is left?
Finding candles to fit those cups!

The Fiber Optic Village
I was over it a year or so after I bought it.
JWS found it in the attic and wanted it out "for the kids"
I think he might be included in those "kids".

The Carnival Set.
This was found abandoned.
We have it on loan this year. 

The Village
Well, truthfully someone might want it...

This Santa
I am pretty sure no one wants him.

Or this scary one either.

And of course, last but certainly not least...
The Annual Complaints About The Nativity Wreath
are about to begin.
Just remember folks,
if anyone of these decorations interest you.

Upon my passing,
they will be cheap at a yard sale!


annie said…
very pretty pictures, I love your lighted village!
Laurie said…
No, I'll let your kids fight over them! The sign is cute though.
OH my GOODNESS...TOO funny...The long flying Santa isn't SO bad!! =) The one that COMPLAINS the MOST, gets THAT item left to them in the will...ROFL...that will teach them!! LOL...
Ann said…
LOL I think we all have decorations that some day no one will want. A few years back I went through all mine and gave my kids the option of saving some of the stuff before it went to the trash. Guess what? No takers.
Your stuff is way better than mine though, mine wasn't even worthy of a yard sale
Amy Dayton said…
Love the village. We all have those decorations we wonder why did we buy or create that. Still fun to see them every year !