Painting Class and What a Start to the Day!

I think that this post was started several weeks ago.
The holidays sort of whizzed by!
Wish I could figure a way to stop that process!
Rushing around that morning,
I lost my balance in the bathroom
and grabbed for the counter
and wrapped my hand around the hot curling iron.
The morning was totally going away,
I was running late,
burnt hand,
I am sure about 10 other little mishaps
as I dashed out the door
to pick up Kendall and get Gracelyn on the bus.
I have not been late once yet this year.
This day,
I was pushing it.
This is what greeted me about three miles out the road
I had to pull off to take the picture.
Pulling off was key here considering how the morning was going,
I was not about to try to take a picture while driving,
(Not that I have EVER done that before...)
At any rate,
as rough as the morning was,
this made things
so much better.

The evening,
after work was my second painting class at
Quilt Tree LLC
Everyone did an awesome job! 
Sure love teaching classes again.

As the New Year approaches,
I want to wish everyone a happy and peaceful New Year!  


beautiful sunrise.

Happy New Year
Balisha said…
Happy New Year to one of the busiest bloggers I know. That must have hurt like crazy.Please be careful....Balisha
jennifer768 said…
Beautiful picture! I am sorry that your day started off so rough,that hand had to have hurt bad! The painting class sounds like so much fun.Have a blessed New Year!Hugs,Jen