Unexpected Surprises

The other night as I was walking up the driveway,
a car pulled in beside me that I did not recognize.
Quickly I realized who it was,
a very nice person
held out this ornament
that she kept looking at the ornament
and it reminded her of something that she had seen.
it had dawned on her that it was my front yard.
and she gave the ornament to me!
I love outdoor lights, but hate putting them up
and taking them down.
So, with the excuse that
Less is More
this is my outdoor Christmas decoration
every year.
Wreath, Spotlight, Extension Cord, Done!
Ten minutes tops,
less if I convince JWS to do it for me!
A nice surprise
so kind! 
And now...
what I have been up to.
My children and the parents of my grandchildren
thought that I needed a toy room.
I looked,
I pondered,
I literally sat in my upstairs
with a cup of coffee
several mornings
And finally decided.
Hang on, it's a good one.
What was the sewing room will become a toy room/guest room.
What was the smallest guest bedroom will become my sewing room.
What was the regular guest room will stay that
but since a lot of my fabric is stored in there, it also needs cleaned.
What has actually happened is everything in my upstairs is
in a

These are my pictures that I found in New Orleans
for my room.

And here is how far I made it yesterday.
That ceiling took two coats of paint using a 2 inch brush to get in all the cracks.
The brush literally fell apart.
back to the paint store
then the trim
furniture that I am painting.
Sunday afternoon?
sorting and purging the hoard
putting it back
Before and After Pics


Ann said…
what a thoughtful gesture and the ornament is perfect
I don't envy you all that work
Robbie said…
How delightful to received very the ornament!!!! Very nice!
Holly said…
How fun! Can't wait to see the finished product!
jennifer768 said…
That ornie was such a thoughtful gesture! Can't wait to see your room!Blessings,Jen