Roid Rush

Not hemorrhoids,
After putting off a trip to the doctor
as long as possible
for this stupid cough,
last week
I finally broke down
went in.
I do not like the call, leave a message
and wait for someone to call you back process.
I do not like the drive to the doctor,
I do not like the waiting in the outer office,
I do not like the waiting in the inner office,
I do not like the weigh-in,
I do not like the blood pressure check,
(always elevated because of the preceding events)
Most of all,
I think that cure is going to kill me one of these times.
Antibiotics and Steroids,
and the
no sleep nights!
on the bright side,
I do get a lot done.
Steroids must be like
buying time
or adding extra hours into your day,
or maybe
the drug
Because while I don't function
at top performance
while taking them,
I sure can craft on them!

Finished one afghan for Shelby's Linus Project
at school
and started another one!
Finished some vintage linen pillows.

And have a ton of stuff
 priced and inventoried
for the
Move In To My New Booth
Tuesday night!
For those of you that don't know,
I am taking the leap
trying a booth in an awesome shop
antiques, vintage and repurposed items.
Stop over and like them on Facebook!
or better yet,
if you are in Western Pa,
stop in and visit them!
(and me)


Amber said…
Hope you get to feeling better! I've been flat in bed with the flu all this week. It's interesting that you can channel all of that extra steroid energy into something productive. I can't take them because all the extra energy comes out in the form of intolerable anxiety. lol. Congrats on having your own booth! I'll have to check the place out.
lilraggedyangie said…
Wow you have been busy...roids do that to me as well though foggy headed it's like your wound up so tight YOU could jump out of your of luck on the new venture...and I hope you feel well soon..Hugs lil raggedy Angie
Ann said…
I share your feelings about doctor visits which is why I have to be really bad off to even call them. What's worse they usually end up telling me to just take some ibuprofen.
At least you were productive. Good luck on your booth
good luck with the shop
Danice said…
Feel well soon. Steroids seem to have that affect on many people. This ever-changing weather is making a lot of people sick. Best of luck with the shop.