Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Saturday night
At least for these four.

The boys arrived first and got out the Legos

But the girls wanted to paint when they got there.
They were diligent in painting their sun catchers.

Then settled down for a movie
actually were all asleep by 10 ish.

Breakfast on Sunday and off to their respective homes.  
Their is an alliance there that is pretty strong.
Gracelyn and Logan,
the bottom two in this picture
are a team.
The other two are not.
Gracelyn and Logan will let them in,
but usually one at a time.
The arguments ensue
mostly over seating order.
The funny statement of the night?
Tyler informs Logan,
"You know she is your cousin,
she can't be your girlfriend!"
At least he has that figured out young!

1 comment:

Ann said...

that had to have been a fun night. Love Tyler's comment, that's too funny