Thrift Store Day

Friday involved some deliveries
a few thrift shops along the way. 
It is really fun to have an outlet for the fun things
I find now. 
That little swan,
while it would have caught my eye
would have stayed on the shelf.
Now it is cleaned up
headed to the shelves
MY little shop
along with the
Cream and Sugar

And this planter.

Franciscan "Autumn" Candleholders
Cemar pottery Gravy Bowl
that jar.
I don't know what it is,
but I liked it.

Some Pfaltzgraff
Jackson china
Relpo Pottery
an unmarked bowl.
We had one like that when we were kids.
I already have one.
Maybe someone else wants one!

There was also some Pyrex
some more
All cleaned and priced and packed to go!
Kendall traveled along on the afternoon stops.
When I told her we were going shopping,
she wanted to know if we were going to a mall.
(She calls me Mommy Mamaw)
I explained that we were going to a
Mommy Mamaw Mall.
She was more than a little surprised at the first one!
By the third one,
she wanted more! 
Another convert!!!

I even managed to stop and get the fun foam.
Let the fish making begin!


Danice said…
All great finds, I love to go thrift-shopping as often as possible :)
acorn hollow said…
wow great haul for sure! I love the gravy boat very different