• Or otherwise known as the 
    Ocala Coffee Debacle.  

    Day 1.
     I am at my sisters I can't find the coffee. 
      I know the Miss Manners rule of being a house guest and not getting up before the host.  
    But I can't follow it!  
     I just wake up too early. 
    So I wait for the coffee.  
    Day two. 
      I make the coffee.
    Day three . 
      I make the coffee....a little too strong 
    Day four.
       I make the coffee.  
     I think to myself at 5:30am
     (an unusually late morning for me) 
    that the coffee does not smell good.  
     Apparently someone decided 
    to run vinegar through the coffee pot.
      I thought someone was being nice and put the water in for me....-it was vinegar!  

    That is when I found  this.   
    Tasty-O's and some awesome fresh coffee!   
    Day 5.
     I may be back!!


    acorn hollow said…
    Oh donuts my huge weakness if they are good donuts. You are an early riser for sure I would have set up the coffeemaker for you to use in the morning
    Holly said…
    You made me chuckle! Those donuts look delicious!
    um vinegar coffee......yum yum
    Too Funny ~ of course that would only happen to you!
    Prim Blessings
    Sheila said…
    I'm an early riser.......and I'd have met you for coffee and donuts if I lived near by! Miss good old fashioned donuts like I was raised on in NH-not these "pre-made" things that are sold everywhere!
    Robbie said…
    We are in Ocala (1 mile off I-75 exit 354)...not sure where this place is! We need a good bagel shop! No Big Apple or even Tim Horton's down south...grrrr...