Sunday, April 13, 2014


  • Or otherwise known as the 
    Ocala Coffee Debacle.  

    Day 1.
     I am at my sisters I can't find the coffee. 
      I know the Miss Manners rule of being a house guest and not getting up before the host.  
    But I can't follow it!  
     I just wake up too early. 
    So I wait for the coffee.  
    Day two. 
      I make the coffee.
    Day three . 
      I make the coffee....a little too strong 
    Day four.
       I make the coffee.  
     I think to myself at 5:30am
     (an unusually late morning for me) 
    that the coffee does not smell good.  
     Apparently someone decided 
    to run vinegar through the coffee pot.
      I thought someone was being nice and put the water in for me....-it was vinegar!  

    That is when I found  this.   
    Tasty-O's and some awesome fresh coffee!   
    Day 5.
     I may be back!!


    acorn hollow said...

    Oh donuts my huge weakness if they are good donuts. You are an early riser for sure I would have set up the coffeemaker for you to use in the morning

    Holly said...

    You made me chuckle! Those donuts look delicious!

    Raggedy Creations said...

    um vinegar coffee......yum yum

    Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

    Too Funny ~ of course that would only happen to you!
    Prim Blessings

    Sheila said...

    I'm an early riser.......and I'd have met you for coffee and donuts if I lived near by! Miss good old fashioned donuts like I was raised on in NH-not these "pre-made" things that are sold everywhere!

    Robbie said...

    We are in Ocala (1 mile off I-75 exit 354)...not sure where this place is! We need a good bagel shop! No Big Apple or even Tim Horton's down south...grrrr...