Thursday, April 10, 2014

Find of the Day

We found this great little shop today
And amazing enough even a rental car manage to slide to a stop!
Just a few orange blossoms left on the trees, but still enough for an amazing aroma!  

Mom and I arrived in Florida last night and with the rental car fiasco, didn't get on our way to Ocala until 9:30!   It was 11:00 when we got to my sisters and thanks to the GPS, we had not problems!

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Robbie said...

We are here in Ocala...have been since last week in Dec. Back to Michigan 1st week in May. Where is this antique shop? You have to have lunch at the Blue Highway in Micanopy!! GREAT food!!! there's also one in Downtown Ocala (they serve food on real plates..Micanopy serves on paper plates! Still fun! Enjoy your time here!