After and Before

A couple of weeks ago 
I bought this bed 
at a yard sale. 

The price was right! 

And now it is finished. 
Of course, it didn't fit like I thought it would in that room
the one wall is shelves
that will hopefully come out at some point.

For now though. 
who really needs in the closet? 



Karen Martinsen said…
Morning....not sure what you were hoping for but I think you nailed it!!! The color and the bedspread are perfect for the era - and it looks perfect on that wall. Now I know it comes over into the window casing a bit but you know what? Way back then that's how they fit in a room - I love it, don't change it at all and the price was a steal.
Holly said…
Great job! It looks great!
Did you sand it before you painted it white??? I like the before and I like it white. Looks great in that room. Love the quilt on top!!!