Amish Post-Its to Icloud

Let's just say
that the morning started off so wild
that by the time I got to work
I decided to take notes.  

(The photo above will be explained later, hang on,
it was one of those days)

I knew that I would not remember it all. 
So, I get up 
and get my shower
nothing fits. 

I was headed that way
I knew it was coming.
Why do I do it? 

If that is not enough
to start a day off wrong...
Out the door at 7:30
too tight for my pudgy body
ill fitting clothing.
Quick round of hide and seek and chase at Shawnee's house,
just enough to get everyone amped up
and we go to the bus stop
as the bus is stopping 
yellow lights flashing
a white pick up truck
hits the gas
to apparently beat the red lights. 
And I am angry.

Later JWS would say, 
"Didn't you get the license plate?"
Well "Excuse me," I reply,
"I was holding the hand of a six year old. 
watching the bus slow,
while a truck flies by at about 60 MPH
four feet from us,
all while keeping an eye on the 
four year old
still in the car
opening the sun roof
in the pouring rain...
I think I was maxed out"

I strap in the four year old 
head to the grocery store, 
get groceries,
head to work,
on the way
in a normally  
no cell service area
my phone rings. 
It is Mom,
she sounds as though it is urgent.
I tell her I am going to lose her 
and I will call her as soon as I get to work. 
Three more miles. 

unload the four year old,
still pouring,
gather all the grocery bags
for lunches at the shop this week,
drag them all in, 
still pouring,
(the rain just makes this more dramatic)
toss them on the table and call my Mom,
This is what I hear,
"My cell phone is not working,
it says something like
Nothing has backed up to Icloud
because you have not been 
connected to a computer or Wi-Fi.
for three weeks."

no one is sick, in the hospital, bleeding profusely....

Crisis averted. 

You see, 
my mom was murmuring
for awhile. 
She had a dumb phone.
She couldn't text, 
she couldn't see her pictures, 
she couldn't get her voicemails. 
I was having trouble helping her, 
I didn't understand the phone either. 
And then she said it,
looking at MY phone, 
"When do I get one of those phones?"

JWS was against it.

I felt it would be easier
for me
because I could talk her through any issues.
So I upgraded,
Shiny new Iphone5
gave her my, not quite as shiny, Iphone4

So, while she has had some issues,
it has all been pretty good
until I try to explain
to a 79 year old. 

The same 79 year old that I tried to explain
the concept of faxing to 
a few years ago. 

She just could not comprehend how that 
piece of paper got through those l
skinny little phone lines. 

I told her to think of Icloud like a big filing cabinet in the sky
where they save everyone's 
music and photos and videos. 

She accepted that,
For now.

I get off the phone,
JWS is looking at me,
impatiently and says,
"We have a problem"

And shows me the 
Amish Post It Note 
pictured above. 

It was beside the front door
when he got to work. 

Who needs paper
when you have plywood and a Sharpie?

"The new addition was measured wrong, 
the steel is cut for the roof, 
the trusses may be wrong, 
the footer is too wide,
I need your math skills..."

So we go out in the 
once more 
with a tape measure


The work day was crazy, 
I mean really crazy,
but with a morning like that, 
it almost seemed OK. 


acorn hollow said…
What a day! I too have had the issue with to tight clothes and am trying to do something who knows if it will work. I hope the rest of your day is better.
Sure hope your day got much better.
Danice said…
Great explanation of the icloud to your mother. My mother asks questions all the time too, lol! She has a "dumb phone" and won't get a smartphone. The Amish post-it note is very smart. I wish that I were as resourceful as the Amish people :)
Susannah said…
I am telling you the honest truth!!!!,...... I could not handle it! Bless you, girl, for all that you do. Gonna say a quick prayer for you tonight for better mornings!!!!LOL