Call before you dig

...or pound.

We have all heard it. 
1-800-ONE CALL
But really, who would have thought you needed it for 
simple garden stake pounding. 

It was the typical day. 
(typical last three weeks days)

More work
Who's delivering? 
What's for lunch?
Did you get this sign done?
That ball team needs their shirts today!
Wait it looks like it is going to rain!
Drive home and get that load of clothes off the line.
Did anyone call that guy and tell him his shirts were done?
Deliver shirts
Hit a yard sale on the way
Load up treasures
What's for lunch?
Phones ringing
More pounding
Lumber Delivery
Who is going for the power trowel? 
Wait, you can finally get to the saw?
Cut sign boards
While the saw is out,
Can I please just have one stake?
(In retrospect, failure to cut this stake would have avoided a lot of problems later)
Is my car fixed yet?
Is Jenn's car fixed yet?
Who is taking the Amish home?
Take one car home, 
Wait for bikes to be removed from my garage slot
Walk back to the service station
Take the other car home
Write a $150 check for gas for all three vehicles
(Have a mild heart attack at that)
Mix up chalk paint
(More on that in another post)
Paint the nightstands in the garage
Watch Logan hit a baseball
Listen to Wyatt tell me a story
Put a coat of paint on the headboard in the bedroom
Oh wait,
JWS is home. 

Take the tools to the spare bedroom, 
screw that board to the top of the headboard,
let's just quickly put that bird sign together 
while you have the screw gun out! 

JWS goes for the pounder thingy
and I hold the stake
we pound it into the ground. 

Stepping back to admire our success, 
the landscape lights turn on as if 
illuminate our handiwork. 

done for the day! 

Until I realize that from the stake on
the landscape lights are not lit! 

Surely, that inch and a half stake did not hit the wire?

If we would have been trying to hit the wire, 
we never would have!

The next hour was spent
laying in the grass
wire strippers
wire nuts

I have to admit,
I could not help 
giggle just a little at the 
absurdity of the day. 


Surprisingly good natured about it all!  

(I think he is taking drugs)

Below is a pic of our new addition at work. 
It is almost done and we hope to start moving into it this week.