Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Career Day

Yesterday was Career Day at Preschool.
Kendall went as a princess. 
Who wouldn't want to be a princess?  
She is 4, I am 56.
I still want to be a princess! 

What I am not, 
is a foodie.
Or a
or anything else food related. 

What I have been thrust into, 
kicking and screaming,
a part of preparing
food for 

Not to mention shopping for it.

Have I mentioned that I despise grocery shopping?
JWS loves it. 
But I went along,
because I like the 
Strip District
we had dinner
at one of my favorites places,

Lobster roll! 

Mural in the Strip District

However, while we were eating,
the car sat closed up,
and we had a rotten onion. 
I think that the smell is stuck in my nose! 

And finally,
some organization to my paint shelves.  
Wonder how long that will last? 

And really, 
wouldn't a princess have someone to do all these 
things for her? 

I want a new career! 
Princess Cathy! 

1 comment:

Ann said...

oh wow, I would be pulling my hair out cooking for that many people.
If you are anything like me that nice organized paint shelf will not last very long at all