Saturday, May 3, 2014

These two...

just might drive me right over the edge! 
Of course.
But their latest shenanigan?
Well, had a lot of people laughing, 
but not me...yet. 

They love to change my answering machine.
I forget to check it after they are gone. 
Usually they are fun, cute little messages
I like them. 

This time they set me up.
Exasperated me to the point of yelling at them.
(which who am I kidding, it might happen more often than I like to admit)
And taped it! 
And used it!

It was there for three weeks. 
Me yelling at those adorable little faces! 
And then,
put on the machine for everyone to hear! 
no one told me!
Until yesterday. 

A customer had called our house, 
then called the shop 
and asked me if I had checked my message lately. 
"Why no", I replied. 
"What is it?"
She informed me that it was me having 
with my grandchildren. 

Thank goodness, 
most people call our cell phones! 


Laurie said...

But ya gotta love em! Only you Cathy, only you!!

Sheila said...

Shaking my head and LOL, never a dull moment around the Strate home!