A Walk in the Yard

Friday night and much of the day yesterday,
were spent in the yard. 

Mulching and weeding and cleaning up. 

Black mulch this year, 
Never thought I would like it, 
but I think I do! 

Rhododendrons in full bloom! 

Shade plants

Front planters, 
that I am hoping don't flood out this year! 

Under the kitchen window where I have officially
given up trying to make it a kitchen garden. 
Planted lilies and balloon flowers
some other yellow 
flower stuff that I can't remember the name of...
Oh yes, 
kept the chives and sage.  
They are the only thing that grows well there. 

Iris almost done.

My only dahlia this year. 

Nothing but perennials. 

My late blooming lilac. 
It blooms after all the other lilacs are done
and honestly smells better
than regular lilacs. 

More perennials. 

Eliminated a lot of junk 
just planted 
wave petunias. 

Aunt Savila's lilies, 
transplanted from her house in Kittanning in the 30's 
Shared by everyone in the family, 
they are all over the country. 

Spotty spirea this year. 

Deck plantings.

And the baby robins that are getting way too big for the nest. 

And there you have it. 
Thanks for walking around my yard this morning! 


Trace4J said…
Love your gardens.
Doesn't it feel good when all the mulch is down.
So good for the soul getting the hands dirty.
Have a great week.
Woolie Hugs