Planter Pickin'

Flying trips through yard sales
prior to work...
one during a work delivery,
yielded these 
I just love these old green planters! 
So many shapes and patterns
and the color! 
well it just appeals to me.
these are washed 
for the booth! 

Even the pink and turquiose
seemed to just fit in. 

And the little horse planter? 
JWS scored that for me at the auction the other night. 

How cute is that? 

I am thinking that it does not want to leave my house! 

just one more knick knack won't hurt, will it? 


Joanie said…
Oh my! I love those green planters, especially the one with the stylized flowers. Would you be willing to sell it to me? I live in Binghamton NY and will pay shipping. Please contact me at if you are willing.
Also, I love reading about Conneaut Lake, I am from the area, grew up NW of Pittsburgh, went to school at Edinboro State many moons ago!

Thanks so much!!

Joanie Lintz
Joanie said…
Hi there, I sent you an email about the planter. It's in the first picture on your blog. The planter at the bottom of the picture with the stylized flowers. I can pay through Paypal or send you $$ through the mail. THANKS!!! Joanie
Amber said…
That's what I'm on the lookout for as well ~ planters! I haven't been able to hit any yard sales so far though, and that's the best place to get them!