Two more, Before and Afters

See the eaves of the old part of the house?
Well, that looked like

this for 11 years. 

Did we actually notice it? 
Obviously, not.  

When we added the addition to the house, 
this apparently got overlooked. 

Now in the summer, it is hard to see behind all the leaves,
But in the winter?
Apparently, we don't look up much in the winter. 

And last years, VBS play flats.
all laid out and ready to go for this year.

And we have gone from Western town
Beachy Island! 

Thanks to Shawnee
who helped me paint them
Jenn for helping me drag them up the stairs 
hinge them together! 
You girls are awesome help!!

Now, on to the REST of the fish
turning a 
country church
into a 
huge aquarium!