Sunday, July 27, 2014

Chickens, For Fun or Profit....or just because they need a home.

so we are not farmers
we don't even have a garden,
not even a tomato plant this year. 

Non-agricultural all the way. 

Never mind the 20+ years
that JWS spent as a dairy farmer. 

Town life all the way now. 

So, why do I have incubators of eggs on my dining room table, you ask?

Close proximity to the Dayton Fair. 

The eggs needed a home 
close to the fair. 

They will hatch fair week
not in my house
but at the fairgrounds. 

They just needed a shorter commute to the fair
a safe place

So for a few weeks, 
we are chicken farmers...
sort of.

And this morning....I am out of eggs
to make pork chops...

Absolutely not....
someone is going to the store. 

My worst fear? 

That one of those little buggers decides 
to be premature! 

How appropriate that the centerpiece on my table
happened to be chickens to watch over
those cute little things. 


Amber said...

Haha! Hatching chicken eggs is actually really cool and exciting! Especially when they start coming out of the eggs. :) You're going to miss the best part!

Teresa said...

Good luck with your little eggs.