Thumbprint Sheep Tutorial

how easy is this?

A great project
for kids, 
for adults, 
for a quick gift, 
last minute craft projects. 

Trust me....EASY!

You will need:

Acrylic Paints
(the colors I used are shown below)
Some surface, basecoated.
Round brush
Liner...or Ultra Fine Sharpie if liner brushes cause you stress. 
Your thumb! 

These are the Decoart colors that I used. 

Start with the graphite
or dark gray.

Lay your thumb in it 
pounce it out on your palette until it dries up a little. 

Thumbprints all around. 

With the round brush,
lay in a little grass under the sheep. 

Then do the same with your thumb and the off-white paint
right on top of the graphite ones. 

Add some fun little 
and tails.

A few dots with a pen tip to look like flowers....
the easiest sheep you will ever "paint"! 


This is a wonderful idea. Thank you for the tutorial Cathy!
Robbie said…
How clever and cute! Kids might enjoy this on a rainy day this summer! Thanks!
Ann said…
I seriously love this. That is so adorable. I've got to try it. I need to find some time to play