Friday, August 22, 2014

437 Reasons Why JWS Should Not Be Unsupervised At An Auction

Laughing and chuckling
10:30 last night, 
arrives home from the auction
where he was 
serving food.

Two indicators that it was about to go bad:
1. The truck is sitting at the side door and not in the garage.
2. The side door is propped open. 

He is excited
about his finds....

As a side note, 
I did not go to this auction because:
1.  I am still tired from the fair.
2. The cleaning lady was supposed to come today and I did not want a mess. 

JWS did not get that memo. 

So this morning found me 

Piles to be junked,
piles to go back to the auction,
piles of treasures for other people,
a small pile to keep
piles to be priced to go to the shop.

He did get some good finds,

But there was a lot of sorting to find them. 

And a lot of questionable purchases...

This being the BIGGEST 
questionable purchase. 

Is there a clown lover's anonymous?
Because this obsession 
needs help! 


Teresa said...

Well that clown sure made me start the day off with a good laugh.
Good luck with all the "Stuff"

Laurie said...

Oh him and Ken would get along great! By the way, I remember another clown thing he got that sat on your dresser once?

Ann said...

Hopefully there was enough good stuff in there to make up for that

Lois said...

The clown is creepy looking but then I am not over fond of them myself. I don't hate them but I wouldn't go out and buy one for myself. With that being said, I sleep in my daughters old room and have never charged the wallpaper cause it still looks brand new. What's the motif? You guessed it....clowns! LOL!