Monday, September 22, 2014

Art Retreat at The Lake

What a fun event! 

Two full days of painting and creating
a little cooking! 
It was the first year for what is sure
to become
a yearly event!

Hammered wire earrings.
The beautiful scenery of Lake Chautaqua.
Gelli plate printing!

Of course, it will become another addiction.
Some fun with sharpies and paper.
And honestly,
these people even allowed me in their kitchen.

Take that, JWS!

Beautiful weather!

Lots of messy creativity!
Best of All...
New friends made along the way! 

And now for me, 
back to painting and getting ready for the open house. 

But first, 
company again this weekend! 

Mom and friends are coming for a 
Sewing Retreat
the unofficial
Strate B & B.

I can't wait! 
We have been trying to plan this for several years 
something always happens,
Four days away 
and it looks like a go this year!  

For more information on the ART RETREAT, 
go to,

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Ann said...

That looks like a lot of fun