Good-bye to the Horrible, Terrible Pink Paint

So, the Fall Open House is over,
just over,
like 14 hours over
I have always hated
horrible, terrible pink paint. 
I picked it out,
it was supposed to be a lovely shade of beige
soon 12 years ago
when the addition was built.
I should have repainted it right away.
But, I didn't.
For almost 12 years I have seriously disliked the color of that room.
Why did I wait so long to repaint?
While all my décor was scattered everywhere,
I decided it was time to paint!
I mean, why put it back just to move it again.
Perfect Timing.

See that pink paint on the right side?

You see, it is a big job.
Starts at the kitchen, through the family room
up the stairs
into my paint room.
And JWS...he hates things tore up.
So, I am painting a section and putting it back.

The things I do to keep that man calm.
The kitchen was finished yesterday
Part of the family room is done...
I ran out of paint.
I am off to the paint store before work today
so I can make more progress tonight!

This was a before
yes, I painted over that hand-painted border.
Am I going to replace it?
I don't think so,
I am liking the clean, uncluttered look!

every inch of pink that disappears!  


Wow...your house looks so different from Sat. A N D
I never noticed the color of your walls. I had to go back and look at the date to be sure it's today!!!! lol Did anyone come after us??? It was 3 when we left!!! Thanks for the samples, haven't tried them yet.
Ann Thompson said…
I hate painting but it always looks so nice when you're done. Well that is assuming that you like the color you end up with :)
Robbie said…
WOW! What a task you've taken on!!! It does look nice...hubby won't "LET" me have anything on the walls but WHITE...which I guess is ok...easy to clean...good luck!