What I Didn't Plan For This Week

Laying tile, 
which I might add that I think I am getting a little old for that work. 
JWS decided to remodel a kitchen at the fairgrounds
the same week 
that I decided to paint over half of my house. 

Let me tell you, that was not in my plans for the week. 

But, I obliged. 

my hands hurt,
my knees hurt, 
my arms hurt.

Not complaining, mind you, 
just stating the facts. 

The other thing that did not factor into this week
was these adorable little preschool children
that I somewhat forgot were arriving to print their own shirts. 

Such cuties.,,,
way better than tiling. 

This is the "before" of the kitchen,
the after will soon follow.   

Anything has to be better than this!