Suitcases-Not Just for Travel

Wow, do I have a lot of suitcases now! 
Wait until you see what prompted this!
First of all,
here is a card suitcase that I made for a friend's daughter
this past summer.

And then I wondered how many I had in the house?
This one in my family room,
just decorative,
holds nothing.

And this one holding the phone...
it really needs redecorated.

This one,
given to me by a dear friend.
I painted it and it holds small needlework in the living room.

That same dear friend,
brought these to me this fall.
They also sit in the living room
and hold my art supplies.
Shhhh, don't tell the grandkids,
I don't think they have figured that out yet.

These are all in one spare bedroom.
Not really.
They are holding part of the fabric stash.
These are in another spare bedroom.
Yep, fabric again.



Oh my!
I am a
Decorative Hoarder! 
Wonder if there is a group for that?

I do paint them...
and sell them though.
They might just get a little ahead of me sometimes.
So what prompted this post?
Last night, I had another "engagement"
and could not attend the auction.
So I asked a friend to buy these suitcases for me.
I do have an order for one that I need to fill...
(that was before I realized how many I have sitting around)
So she did....for $1!

Imagine my surprise
when they turned into this!

What a haul! 
Little ones stuffed inside the bigger ones!  
Ok, no comments on the hoarding!

What was I doing?

Helping this little boy with his science project....
I drew, he colored.
What a team!


Ann said…
I love all your suitcases and my favorite is that first little green one that you got from a friend.
What a deal on those from the auction.