Decorating almost done..

Just wish the shopping was!

I heard on the news,
14 shopping days left.

Why doesn't anyone say how many
SHIPPING days are left?
Posted this in the hopes that JWS will notice
how bad those wires look?
He says they are going away this week...

Now off to get my mouse finger in shape

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!


Ann Thompson said…
your decorations look great. I hardly have anything done but I'm hoping to get to it tomorrow. I like how you put stuff on that one chair. I think I'll try something like that.
acorn hollow said…
Love all of your vintage Christmas. I too need to get with the internet ordering.
Danice said…
What pretty decorations. We have also started decorating for the holidays :)
Lynn Barbadora said…
I'm in PANIC mode right about now! LOLOL!