Easter Decor

The girls asked for Easter Décor for Christmas this year.
In the usual fashion,
much of it was created in the week
prior to the holiday.
That is the excuse for the pictures....
against the washer and dryer
on the dirty painting counter,
on the wrapping table....

At least they are ready for spring!

I have battled a cold
sinus issues for much of the week.
What a way to start out the year!
Back to work today,
I am glad for the schedule that is making me get up and get things done,
I sure enjoyed those long days of rest!


Love your Easter paintings, Cathy!
You should really make your paintings into patterns for us to buy! Love your work!
Hope you feel better soon!

You did all that before Christmas??? Or did you dig out some pictures??? haha Wowser!!!!
Ann said…
What great Christmas gifts. I never have thought of asking for Easter decor but it makes sense.
Hope you get rid of that cold and sinus problem real soon