Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kiwi, A Van and the Eiffel Tower

A hair cut
Face Scrubbies
Serv Safe
Pa State Fair Convention
New Easels
Cherry M&M's
What a day!

I can't even remember it all.
I had asked Shawnee to come up and cut my hair.
It needs colored...bad.
There was no way it was going to pull through
a frosting cap in it's present length
damaged state.
She forgot her scissors and razor.
I had scissors....
ever have your hair cut with a rotary cutter? 
Neither had I...
until yesterday.
Studying for the Serv Safe test one week from today.
Not a big studier! 
I have been working on these face scrubbies in between.
I would much rather crochet.

They are never going to get put away at this rate...
they are red,
won't they qualify as Valentine d├ęcor?
I get to work....very late.
Just in time to have a grocery list handed to me for
when I pick up Kendall.
Kendall pick-up
Easy bake oven pick up
Found a utility knife in the parking lot of the school.
Decided to just stick it in my car, lest I start
news worthy episode that I really
didn't have time for.
Bank deposits
Grocery Store
Kendall has to have kiwi.
This will play in later....just wait.
Back to work,
Easy Bake Oven.
Run home to put the rest of the groceries away.
Find the drawing of the headstone that I did
that the monument company now
cannot find.
(See, and I didn't even have headstone in the initial crazy list)
Pick up chocolate chips for the
Easy Bake Oven
but I don't have any
so I substitute
Cherry M and M's.
See where the day is going?
Back to work,
scan the headstone,
see the note on my desk that the van
I have been calling about is ready to look at.
JWS is printing shirts,
the only thing that actually resembled our REAL job.

I run home and stuff a chicken and throw it in the oven.
I forgot the mad dash around the house to collect all this stuff
for the table that I have to set up at
fair convention next Wednesday
the day long
Serv Safe test.

More on that later....
I have an idea.
It is still formulating.
Off to look at the van.
Buy the van,
but it doesn't really run
so it is to be towed to the mechanic.
Stop and see the mechanic.
Just an observation:
Men and men places
don't really move at the same pace as me.
Not that it is a bad thing...
It is just not MY thing.
Back to work where I find out that my new easels for class are in.

Eat one of Kendall's pretzels,
explain to the waiting crowd why we didn't bring the van home.
Set Kendall on the floor to open easels,
start setting up the class
Kendall decides that NOW is the time that she wants her kiwi.
wash my hands,
(I learned that in the Serv Safe book)
peel the kiwi to her exact specifications,
wash the sticky kiwi off my hands,
Wash the kiwi knife,
put it all away
continue setting up the class
Kendall decides that she wants the OTHER kiwi.
Repeat all the steps above.
class is set up
here we go....
Job 2 starts of the day.
I really can't count these classes as a job,
they are so much fun!
So, here I sit this morning,
hair color processing in my hair
one text has been
Daughter #1 looking for lunch bags
JWS wanting to know where the broccoli is that I was supposed to buy
It might be another day of it! 

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