Thursday, February 5, 2015

Colorful Hoards

Cleaning out my pens last night
trying to organize them.
Aren't they pretty?

A hoard of ric rac found picking
I love that shop! 

Cleaning out and organizing pages of doodles.

And a new obsession.
Bracelets made from these vintage earrings. 
These are all I have found so far,
but aren't they pretty.
I am on the lookout for them! 
With all the white outside in my corner of the world,
I thought a little color was in order!


Farm Girl said...

Color this time of year is so wonderful. Just beautiful.

Ann Thompson said...

you did well at putting a little color in your life. I'm getting pretty sick of seeing all white.
I like your new header, very cute

dee begg said...

The Olde Factory sounds like it can be a fun place to visit. Is it strictly antiques or do they have crafts too?

Your bracelets are pretty.