Friday, October 9, 2015

Rocky the Lobster

left alone at the auctions
Thursday nights
has proved interesting.
Clowns, neon signs, parrots.
So, I never know what he is going to bring home.
Last night he made it home before me.
These books and vintage cards are great!

The picnic

The vases?   Maybe to the right person.

Pyrex and Glasbake?
Wonderful buys....

This shelf....10 feet long?
You might think that is the worst.

After 12 hours at work.....when I turned the corner to go in the kitchen,
This was serenading me with
"Won't you let me take you on a Sea Cruise?"
I'd like to send someone on a sea cruise....
without a life jacket! 


acorn hollow said...

so funny!

Ann said...

LOL That's just too funny although I imagine not so much after 12 hours of work