All Skate

And to think I was even was before the disco skating rage.
I was
Skirts with marabou edging
(how I begged for one of those)
Pom-Poms on the toes of your skates
Skate socks that pulled down over your whole skate
Organ Music.
The Flea Hop,
The Two Step,
The Grand March.
Ok, I have dated myself enough.
Yesterday was our second
Family Fun,
Hope we don't have to call LifeFlight,
Skate Day.
And what fun!

A little, local, old skating rink,
That you can rent inexpensively,
have more fun than imaginable!

From the youngest,
determined little bugger that he is,
to the oldest.
that is me!
(the oldest, that is)

A good time was had by all!


acorn hollow said…
I was never a roller skater it was always ice skating for me and I was never good at it.
The little guy is so cute.
Ann said…
oh how fun. We used to go roller skating all the time when I was in high school. Even younger than that (elementary school) we used to have monthly roller skating parties.
I haven't been on a pair in ages. I'm pretty sure I would probably hurt
There used to be a couple roller rinks around here but I think they're gone now
TheCrankyCrow said…
Roller Skating?? And you can still type?? LOL.... All I can say is you go Girl! Or...perhaps "Better you than me"?? ;o) I think I've been on roller skates once in my entire life and that didn't go so very well... But, it truly looks and sounds like fun... So glad you lived to tell us about it! Have a great new week ahead!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Looks like fun! Something I had never done and always wanted too!
Glad you all had a good time!