Guilty Pleasures.

learn something new daily! 
Yarn is a totally guilty pleasure. 
Seems I can't walk into a store that sells yarn
and not walk out with at least one skein! 
These were yesterday's purchases.
Even more guilty?
New scarves for me! 
Learn something new?
Bamboo yarn is awesome! 
Soft, drapes well and nice to work with.
Finished project tomorrow...hopefully!

A second guilty pleasure?
I love them! 
Love them even more on sale!
What did I learn from that, you ask?
even when I was skinny back in the 70's when boots were
popular, I had trouble finding ones that would fit my calves.
Now we are talking 110 pounds of skinny and I could
not buy boots that would fit over my calves.
Forty years
and slightly a lot more than 40 pounds later,
it is no easier.
My calves are not too big!
My feet are too small for my calves!
That's my story and I am sticking to it!
buying thicker socks!

Last guilty pleasure is,
wait for it...
Victoria's Secret
Or better known as
VS Granny Panties!
I love them.
Pricey, yes, but so worth the money.
They last forever and are so comfortable. 
Surprising, in a sea of lace and strings and
seriously uncomfortable looking
the girl at the counter said that they sell tons of these!
Chatting, I told her I have some that are at least 12 years old.
(I remember buying them on a trip)
She told me that there is a date printed in the back
of all of them and showed me where to find it.
And there is! 
Fun fact of the day!
But seriously,
Angel wings and thongs aside.
Even though a pair of these costs as much as a whole
pack at a big box store,
they are so worth it. 
Yarn, boots and underwear!
Going to be hard to beat that knowledge today!


Sheila said…
A girl's got to indulge once in awhile!
Enjoy your purchases and can't wait to see the scarves.
Have a great weekend.
Amber said…
Haha! This post made me laugh! I'm the same way with yarn. In fact, I'm planning on doing some de-stashing, and then I'm going to try to be more thoughtful about my yarn purchases!
Ann said…
My daughter is the same way with underwear. They have to come from Victoria's secret.
acorn hollow said…
great boots. I buy bras from VS they are great. I don't knit much at all but I have a wool issue.
annie said…
a girls gotta buy what a girls gotta have :)