Coffee, Paint, Yarn and Pizza.


The boys have been playing this game called 
Would You Rather. 
Some of the questions are completely ridiculous.
Some are thought provoking. 
Some even stir conversations with the boys about their choices. 

Here are mine. 
Hot black caffeine-laden coffee is essential to me in the morning. 
So I wake up and find out I can only have coffee with cream or decaffeinated coffee.
Would I rather have coffee with cream or decaf?
Or am I going to quit drinking coffee?

I enjoy painting.   
It is relaxing and fills my creating need.
I like certain paints. 
I have health issues with oil paints and can't stand to use cheap acrylics.
Would I rather risk my health or use junk?
Or I am going to quit painting?

Not a yarn snob, but an allergy to wool has me very careful of the choices of yarn that I make.
Cheap yarn just doesn't do it for me. 
Would you rather have hives or splitting scratchy yarn?
Or do I quit crocheting?

Pizza is one of my favorite treats.
I have one super favorite pizza! 
And really, it is rare that I find a bad pizza...
Would I rather never have my favorite pizza ever again and have pizza every day....?
The thought boggles my mind.  
An impossible choice, but never eating pizza again? 

And so the choices we all made this week.   
The "would you rathers"
Impossible choices to make.
Choices that divided friends and families. 
We made the choice. 
Whether you agree with your friend's, family's or co-worker's choices or not,
they were theirs to make.

Be thankful for the choice.
Continue to vote.
Continue to be kind.
Continue to love your family.
Continue to be a good citizen.
and most of all...
Continue to pray for our country and our leaders. 


Ann said…
Some choices are easier to make than others. Now that the choice for president has been made, hopefully people can band together to support him in his efforts