Bullet Journaling

After years of lists
tons of spiral notebooks,
I think I might have found the ultimate
organization that seems to fit me!
Everything in one place.
And the best part for me...
Instead of crossing off items with no record
of what was accomplished,
I have a sense of what I actually managed to get done!
Great motivation!
Of course, they don't have the beauty and perfection
that is seen on Pinterest,
But it is working for me.

JWS found this book in some stuff he was cleaning out.  
It is very old, probably 40 years old at least. 
I thought I would give it a try, 
now I am shopping for a NEW book.
Any suggestions?  


Ann Thompson said…
I've seen so much about this on Pinterest and have wanted to try it but I just dont know where to start
Gwyn said…
I'm looking at Passion Planners and a couple on Amazon - Panda Planner & Action Planner
Both have notes pages & you can track steps each day/week/month
Greetings, Cathy,
I, too, have spiral notebooks all over the place. I am going to check out your system for bullet journaling. You should be able to find some great books at Target. You are so creative, you could just add your own embellishments.

Have a marvelous Monday. Take care, ~Natalie