Easy Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Struggling with Blogger.
I thought that the problems I had were with the computer
now a new computer and it does the same things. 

I cant center the pics 
but here goes. 

I needed something quick to make and sell that we use up 
I mean stash of material that I have acquired,

My mom told me about a woman that had these 
at a craft show and how well they were selling. 
As any of you know that I have read my ramblings, 
I don't get real precise with measurements...
who needs all that structure in their life anyway. 

take your piece of material and cut it into manageable bag sizes. 
Keep in mind that I folded these so that there is only a bottom and side seam
so make allowances for that in your cutting. 

After zig-zagging at least 15 of these, 
I decided to pink them instead, 
because really, 
stash busting should be quick and easy.

Pink the sides and bottom, then take them to your iron and iron
down from the unpinked edge,
1/4 inch and then about 1/2 or 3/4 inch depending on the width
of your drawstring,

In an effort to eliminate some pics because
this was getting too bulky...
sew down the 1/4 inch top fold.
This honestly makes it easier to
do the placket and put the drawstring through.
Then fold right sides together and starting about a half inch down
from where your drawstring is going to go through,
sew the side and bottom seam.

This next step is the most "futsy" of the whole thing.

Turn back that opening and make
a little placket around it.

And now my last two pictures have disappeared!

Ok, so you are going to have to imagine from here on.
Sew down that casing for the drawstring and thread through
whatever you have in the stash.

I have been stitching bias tape together because I have tons of it.

Great stash buster! 


acorn hollow said…
I have done not one creative thing this new year
TheCrankyCrow said…
You are just ever so clever.... Thanks for the tutorial...but I will need to unearth my sewing machine...and then my hoard...errrr...stash of fabric.... Yes, somethings haven't changed.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Ann Thompson said…
A quick and easy project. I like it